elephants1Remember when elephants welcomed guests in Gilmor Sloane House?  Dear House gives the history of the Mosers donating 1,000 elephants from their personal collection, 300 of them lining the plate rail in the dining room.  Individuals who visited the house during this time share fond memories of these elephants and the hospitality they symbolized. Mr. Moser encouraged guests to select a favorite elephant to take home as a reminder of time shared at Gilmor and over the years the collection has diminished to a remnant. We want to increase the herd!

Elephants are an important symbol in many faiths and cultures – to some they represent strength, to others discretion – to some they mean vigor, to others harmony – to some a raised trunk brings good luck and health to the home, for others all elephants should face the door to welcome guests into the house.   We welcome guests of many faiths and cultures to our campus and we feel the broad appeal of elephants makes them an appropriate hospitality symbol for us. 

elephants2Currently our collection consists of 20 elephants – they represent many styles and many media:  wood, glass, paper, resin, ivory, etc.  – one still has a tag saying MOSER!  We invite you to join us in increasing our collection; perhaps you received one of the original elephants or perhaps you will run across one in an antique shop or a garage sale.  If you are willing to help with this project, bring your elephant the next time you visit or if you prefer, send it to us.

Please help us “Bring Home the Elephants”!