Here at SPC, we love our volunteers. Whether you can only come for a few hours or whether you want to come for three months or longer, we'd love to talk with you about it! For more information on short-term needs, we recommend learning more about workgroups. If you're interested in art, you should check out our Artist-in-Residence program.

Welcome, Neighbors!

From time to time, we could use some extra help for a few hours - for anything from harvesting a bumper crop of sweet potatoes, through getting out a large mailing, to staffing our annual Gala fundraiser.
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No obligation, of course!

Seeking Multifaith Residents for the Community of Living Traditions at SPC

Stony Point Center is home to the Community of Living Traditions, a multifaith community dedicated to the practice and study of hospitality, nonviolence and justice. 

We invite you to consider a Multifaith Residency, a multi-dimensional experience that involves more than just living and working on campus. Multifaith Residents support the functioning of our conference center, knowing that the work of welcome is the foundation of community and the basis for our nonviolence and social justice efforts.

Be part of an ever-developing multifaith community dedicated to the practice of hospitality, the inherent value of work, the importance of spiritual growth, and the creation of space to explore our passions about strengthening the faith-based movement for peace and justice.

For more information about this opportunity, check out our multifaith community.