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To become a Multifaith Resident, you must apply to become a member of the Community of Living Traditions. As we are looking for equal numbers of members from each tradition we currently have openings for Jewish applicants, and in particular are seeking Jews of color.

What does it mean to be a member of the Community of Living Traditions?

Membership in the CLT is an intentional community experience that involves living and working with others who share many similar aspirations toward a better world, and also come from many different backgrounds and perspectives. Membership means living through the ups and downs and the constant evolution of our relationships to each other, as we strive to understand how we reflect the larger world and how we might transform it by transforming ourselves. We are currently challenging white supremacy, the doctrine of discovery, racism, sexism, homophobia and other structures of oppression. At the same time, we are developing ways to honor the land and build solidarity with local indigenous people.
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We are a part of an ongoing multifaith dialogue as we share a desire to learn about each other’s faith traditions and stand together against religious prejudices of all kinds.  As activists, CLT members support various efforts, on and off campus, to strengthen the faith-based movement for peace, nonviolence, social justice and earthcare.

Membership requires that we reflect regularly as individuals and as a community. We take to heart the words "the road is made by walking," and we look to each of us to help make that road profound and enduring every day. We are fortunate to have a chaplain available to help any of us with our inner work.

Members of CLT engage in the concrete and spiritual practice of hospitality coming from our faith traditions as we help Stony Point Center welcome people from many faiths, cultures, and nations and host them for their retreats, trainings, etc. This is our business, and it is our commitment. It is one way we seek to support and ground the faith-based movement for peace and social justice with strategy, conversation, reflection and retreat.


CLT Members participate in an experiment in intentional, multifaith, multicultural residential community, as we strive to practice radical hospitality with each other, and commit to working on the challenges--and celebrating the joys--of living and working together. We contribute to the shared practices that ground us as a community such as study, ceremony and worship, fun time, and creating healthy community dynamics.

CLT Members also learn about each other's faith traditions through participation in religious observances, study, and ordinary conversations. Working and living with people from other faith traditions makes it easy to ask questions and share thoughts. Little by little, we get to know each other's prayer practices, sacred texts, holidays, and cultural nuances. It's a fascinating journey.

To read more about the roles and expectations of a Multifaith Resident, click here.

Stony Point Retreat and Conference Center: Where CLT Members Live and Work

SPC frontmuralStony Point Center (SPC) is a unique retreat and conference center of the Presbyterian Church that seeks to nurture and grow the faith-based movement for peace, nonviolence and social justice. To that end, we are dedicated to fostering open conversation and experience with all who take global wholeness, social justice, and personal change seriously.

SPC has been owned and operated by the Presbyterian Church since 1949. In 2014, the General Assembly of the PCUSA approved the document “An Interreligious Stance for the Presbyterian Church USA.”  We support the PCUSA’s understanding that “The search for social justice in the world today is one of the most compelling reasons for interreligious activity. Global challenges - such as forced migration, human rights violations, unjust imprisonment, militarism, and totalitarianism - cannot be solved by any single segment of the world’s people, or any single religion. Social justice cannot be achieved without the cooperation of the world’s religions.” To read the full document, click here.

How to Apply

Currently, we are particularly seeking membership applications from Jewish people of color.

If you are considering applying, please read through our Multifaith Residents Handbook. You will be asked to respond to parts of this Handbook in your application.

In addition, please email the representative of the faith tradition you follow:

When you fill out an application, you will immediately receive an auto-generated confirmation email. If you don't see the email, we have not received your application. Applications usually begin to be processed within a few weeks.

Apply Here

For more information contact We look forward to hearing from you!