In cooperation with Rockland Car Service, Stony Point Center offers transportation to and from New York City area airports. 

Our preferred airport is Newark Liberty International, about 1 hour by car from Stony Point Center.

We also offer service to and from LaGuardia Airport (1 1/2 hours), JFK Airport (2 hours), and the smaller airports of White Plains and Newburgh/Stewart (45 minutes).  New York City traffic can extend travel times for LaGuardia and JFK considerably.
Please note that charges for service to other airports are significantly higher than for Newark.

Our Procedures

Please use our convenient online registration form to request airport transportation.

You should receive an initial automatic email confirmation from us immediately; at least 24 hours before your departure, you will be sent any final changes.

Please contact us at, or 845 786-5674 if you do not receive a confirmation.

Click here for rate information for our shuttle service.

Public transportation is also available from Newark, LaGuardia, and JFK Airports.  This option is less expensive, but involves longer travel times.  For details, see below.

For group travel arrangements, please contact our Transportation Coordinator.

Stony Point Center recognizes that passengers may have special needs; if you have concerns which are not covered by the offerings above, please contact our Transportation Coordinator to discuss whether we can assist in accommodating you ( or 845 786-5674). 

Public Transportation to Stony Point from NYC Airports

By car, the travel time to Stony Point Center from Newark Airport is about an hour; from LaGuardia it can be slightly less than an hour and a half, and from JFK up to two hours or more, subject to traffic conditions.

For guests whose travel time is more flexible, public transportation can be a less expensive option to get to Stony Point Center.

From Newark Airport

New Jersey Transit trains service the Newark International Airport station; with a change at Secaucus Junction to the Pascack Valley Line, you can get to the Nanuet Station.

Stony Point Center offers complimentary transportation from the Nanuet Station to guests staying overnight as part of a group; for others, there is a charge of $25.  When you request transportation on our online form, please enter your flight information under Additional Information. Travel by train from Newark Airport to Nanuet takes about an hour and a half; allow an additional half hour from Nanuet to Stony Point Center.

From JFK or LaGuardia Airports

NYC Airporter offers bus connections from JFK and LaGuardia Airports to the Port Authority in New York City. This is a private bus company, with no business connection with Stony Point Center, but our guests have found it to be reliable.

Buses run from the Port Authority directly to Stony Point; the bus stop is a few minutes drive from Stony Point Center. Click here for details on bus transportation.

NYC Airporter buses are scheduled to take an hour from LaGuardia or an hour and a half from JFK Airport to the Port Authority; these buses run frequently. From the Port Authority to Stony Point, buses run every 2 hours, and take 2 hours for the trip. Be sure to check schedules - travelling this way could take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.

NYC Airporter buses are comfortable and convenient, but can cost more than entirely public transportation. Public transportation may also take longer than the bus service.

From LaGuardia Airport, several combinations of bus and subway are available. Click here for a Google map with options.

From JFK Airport, options include light rail with links to subways and buses. Click here for a Google map with options.

All of these options include up to 8 minutes walking on public streets, something to keep in mind if you have any more than minimal luggage with you.

If you need assistance in evaluating your options, please email our Transportation Coordinator or call our front desk at 845-786-5674.