We are not currently accepting applications for new Multifaith Residents, but we will be in the future.
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CIW beginning

Stony Point Center is home to the Community of Living Traditions, a multifaith intentional community dedicated to the practice and study of hospitality, nonviolence and justice.

Practicing Hospitality

We begin with practicing the hospitality of our Muslim, Jewish and Christian faith traditions, as we host the Center's guest groups. In its deepest sense, hospitality means "welcoming the other, welcoming the stranger," whether that comes in the form of another human being, a group, an idea, or a critique. It is this fundamental openness to learning about, understanding, and potentially being changed by the other, that is the foundational practice which leads to collaborative, effective efforts to nurture peace, nonviolence and social justice.

Engaging Faith

As individuals dedicated to deepening our faith journey in our own tradition, we reach out to share and learn about each other's traditions.

Cultivating Nonviolence and Justice

We learn about and strive to put into practice the legacy of hospitality and strategic nonviolence that exists within each faith tradition, as we seek ways to support the larger faith-based movement for peace, nonviolence and justice.

CLT is an affiliate of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and is supported by the three faith traditions on campus: Muslim Peace Fellowship, the SPC Christian Community, and the SPC Jewish Community.