Stony Point Center is home to the Community of Living Traditions (CLT), a multifaith, residential, intentional community of Muslims, Jews, and Christians, dedicated to the study and practice of hospitality, nonviolence, peace, justice and earthcare. We are committed to parity among these three traditions within our community.

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Membership in the CLT is an intentional community experience that involves living and working with others who share many similar aspirations toward a better world, and also come from many different backgrounds and perspectives. 

Who We Are

We are grounded in our individual faiths, and we are committed to building unity and understanding among us. We are not trying to meld our traditions, but rather support and inspire each other to live out our own traditions as authentically as each of us can.

We practice the hospitality of our Muslim, Jewish, and Christian traditions as we welcome conferences and guests at Stony Point Center.

We commit to action that supports the movements for peace and justice in the wider world, while strengthening multifaith involvement in these movements.


CLT is an affiliate of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Fellowship of Intentional Communities. It is supported by three faith communities on campus: Muslim Peace Fellowship, the SPC Christian Community, and the SPC Jewish Community.

Interested in Applying?

Currently, we are particularly seeking applications from Jewish people of color.

Click here to read more about what it means to become a member of CLT.