AboutimageThe Inclusive Table is not your ordinary cookbook. Instead of providing an anthology of recipes categorized by food type (e.g. dairy, poultry) or mealtime (breakfast, dinner), this cookbook creates four complete meals separated by season. This holistic approach to dining attempts to provide the host a guide to a multicultural, multireligious, agriculturally and social justice conscientious meal, welcoming and adaptable to a diverse community.

This book marks the culminating efforts of four young women - Alanna Lastiwka, Farah El-Jayyousi, Iman Omar, and Maggie Krueger - brought together for the Stony Point Center Summer Institute program “Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit,” in Stony Point, New York. After living in intentional community for four weeks, immersed in a world of farming, sustainability, scripture, social activism and worship we were challenged to capture our experience in a medium we might share with the world. After many lengthy debates, it struck us that the one thing that always brought us together, despite our differences and diverse backgrounds was food. Whatever we created, we wanted to encapsulate our legacy as a community that shared meals together. We saw no more fitting of a solution than a cookbook.

This cookbook is by no means comprehensive. However, we hope it is a starting place for a rich conversation about what it means to share food with conviction, in light of privilege, and in community.

The “Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit” Summer Institute at Stony Point Center was a transformative and fulfilling experience for all four of us, though we all came from different backgrounds and points in our journeys. Because of this, all proceeds from this cookbook will go towards funding a scholarship for future participants in this amazing program. If you are a young person between the ages of 19 and 29, interested in multifaith justice, peacebuilding, and earthcare, you should definitely consider applying to the next Summer Institute. Room and board are covered and the experience is sure to be a valuable one. You can learn more and apply here.

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