This year, the Community of Living Traditions will produce a Multifaith Lunar Calendar, starting on the Lunar New Year, February 5, 2019. You can download the calendars each month at this page: FullMoon2010

Our calendar begins with the Lunar New Year (February 5, 2019):

Why Multifaith? CLT has been developing a multifaith calendar for a number of years, up until now circulating it only internally. This practice has helped us diligently cultivate an awareness across faith tradition lines of each other's holidays, as well as brought many instances of intrigue and delight as we noticed the shifting ways that the calendars sync up. 

As of now, our calendar only includes holidays from the three traditions that are represented in our faith community — Islam, Judaism and Christianity — as well as some indigenous and secular holidays that connect to the flow of our lives. We also include holidays that connect to the international movement for justice, peace and sustainability.

Why Lunar? This year, we decided to produce our calendar following the Lunar rhythm, rather than the traditional Gregorian months, for several reasons. Both the Muslim and the Jewish calendars are lunar-based, with the months beginning on or just after the New Moon. The new moon in Jewish tradition is called Rosh Hodesh, meaning literally “head of the month.” In Muslim tradition, the new month begins just after the New Moon, with the appearance of the first crescent of the waxing moon.

Also, the lunar cycle has also been influential in the symbolic tapestry that flows through the women's liberation movement. In both Jewish and Wiccan practice, the New Moon is considered to be a sacred time for women to gather and set intentions for fresh starts, growth, optimism, starting over. 

Finally, many indigenous cultures as well as many Asian cultures incorporate elements of a lunar calendar, even though they also interact with the Gregorian calendar, and these practices are resonant for many of us. For our month titles, we will use Indigenous North American names for the moons, as recorded by the Old Farmers' Almanac.

We hope that by following 2019 in sync with the moon's rhythms, we will strengthen our lines of connection with these aspects of humanity. We would be honored if you would join us on this journey! Bookmark this page and check back each month to download your PDF of the month's calendar.

Image from wikipedia.