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We are not currently accepting applications for new Multifaith Residents, but we will be in the future. Check back for updates!

Dimensions of a Multifaith Residency at SPC

Residency at Stony Point Center is more than just a volunteer experience. It is a little hard to describe, because it is unlike any other program we know of:

  • It is something like a chaplaincy residency in that it involves intentional reflection about our practical experience and deepening our faith through that shared reflection.

  • It has some characteristics of an internship, as residents support the paid staff and learn the practical and hospitality skills necessary to run a 180 bed conference facility with a two million dollar a year budget.

  • It's part intentional community experience, in that it involves living and working with others who share many similar aspirations, especially the common work of helping to run the Center.

  • It’s an ongoing multifaith dialogue in that our residents share a desire to learn about each other's faith traditions.

  • It's part activism as residents support various efforts, on and off campus, to strengthen the faith-based movement for peace, nonviolence, and social justice.

Reflect regularly about our callings as individuals and as a community. Our individual lives and our life together are always evolving. It takes a particular kind of flexibility to be part of a dynamic experiment that is in continually developing. We take to heart the words "the road is made by walking," and we look to each of us to help make that road every day. We are fortunate to have a Chaplain on campus to help any of us with our inner work.

Engage in the practical and spiritual practice of hospitality of your faith tradition as you help Stony Point Center welcome people from many faiths, cultures, and nations and host them for their retreats, trainings, etc. This is our business, and it is our calling. It is one way we seek to support and ground the faith-based movement with strategy, conversation, reflection and retreat.

Participate in an experiment in intentional, multifaith, multicultural residential community, as we strive to practice radical hospitality with each other, and commit to working on the challenges--and celebrating the joys--of living and working together. Help contribute to the shared practices that ground us as a community such as study, ceremony and worship, fun time, and the creation of healthy community dynamics.

Learn about each other's faith traditions through participation in religious observances, study, and ordinary conversations. Working and living with people from other faith traditions makes it easy to ask questions and share thoughts. Little by little, we get to know each other's prayer practices, sacred texts, holidays, and cultural nuances. It's a fascinating journey.

Collaborate with others as we study and strive to put into practice the principles of nonviolence that are found in each of our religious traditions, which we see as natural extensions of each tradition's legacy of hospitality. Join in local, national and international peace and social justice organizing efforts as we figure out how to best use our available people, energy and other resources.

giverefugeesrestMultifaith Residency at Stony Point Center

We seek Multifaith Residents who feel a sense of call to the challenging, hospitable work of running a conference center and to contributing to the development of a healthy community.

Stony Point Center (SPC) is a unique retreat and conference center of the Presbyterian Church that seeks to nurture and grow the faith-based movement for peace, nonviolence and social justice. To that end, we are dedicated to fostering open conversation and experience with all who take global wholeness, social justice, and personal change seriously.

Though SPC invites all people of conscience and faith to our campus, we have a particular investment in welcoming the Abrahamic Traditions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity into deep engagement with one another, both in the residential, multifaith “Community of Living Traditions” on our campus and also through the practice of welcoming diverse guest groups to our Center.

SPC has been owned and operated by the Presbyterian Church since 1949--often in partnership with other Christian denominations. As we seek to create new partnerships that cross religious boundaries, we are intentional about recruiting Jews, Muslims and those from other non-Christian traditions to be Multifaith Residents here. As a business, we are constantly striving to assure, through our practices of hospitality, that we are a welcoming place for a diverse population of guests and residents.

Multifaith Residents should not come to Stony Point Center with the assumption that we have everything figured out. Our community is quite young, and the various things we are trying to accomplish, all at the same time, make for an extremely complex community life. We seek Residents who are willing to work hard – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – and share the best of their own talents and passions, in a effort to make the multifaith community at Stony Point Center vibrant and healthy.

To read more about the roles and expectations of a Multifaith Resident, click here.

img 1294 1024x682Testimonials

What makes living in the Community of Living Traditions so rewarding is having people around who share a passion for social justice. The work of social justice is difficult, so to be in an environment where others are encouraging you in your work is invaluable. — Terra Winston, 2011-2012 Residential Volunteer

The Community of Living Traditions is a small gem in today’s society, which embodies coexistence through intentional growth and understanding. Each day you discover more about other Abrahamic faiths and how the people of the book can work together to make social justice apparent in our community and world. This is an opportunity I will never forget and encourage others to experience. – Salmaa Elshanshory, 2011-2012 Residential Volunteer

Religion is such a big part of people’s lives and especially as the world becomes smaller and more integrated, we need a space that promotes understanding and dialogue among faith traditions. CLT not only does this but lets its members grow in their faith and discover what it means to be a peacemaker through their faith. — Eleanor Held, 2011-2012 Residential Volunteer


We are not currently accepting applications for new Multifaith Residents, but we will be in the future. Check back for updates!

If you are considering applying, please read through our Multifaith Residents Handbook.  You will be asked to respond to parts of this Handbook in your application.  In addition, please email the representative of your faith tradition following.
Muslim – Chaplain Rabia Terri Harris
Jewish - Joyce Bressler
Christian – Kitty Ufford-Chase
When you fill out an application, you will immediately receive an auto-generated confirmation email.  If you don't see the email, we have not received your application.

Applications usually begin to be processed within a few weeks.

For more information contact We look forward to hearing from you!