IMG 20160420 100553amirahbeetsMultifaith Residency at SPC is built on our shared commitment to support a business that is dedicated to providing hospitality for an extremely diverse population. Each new Resident at SPC commits to a period of three months of learning and discernment, during which time most of his or her work will be dedicated to learning about and supporting some significant part(s) of SPC’s work of hospitality. This can include staffing the front desk or fair trade gift shop, working in the kitchen or gardens, custodial tasks, welcoming guests, or various administrative tasks.

Multifaith Resident Covenants

Multifaith Residency at SPC is based on covenants (non-binding contracts that state our intentions) between the Resident and Stony Point Center. Those covenants lay out basic expectations. At the end of three months, Residents and SPC leadership discern together whether SPC is a good fit for the Resident and he or she would like to continue. Typical covenants signed at that point are for an additional 3 to 9 months. There is no maximum length of residency at SPC, though many choose to stay for about a year. Part-time Residents, those working 20 hours a week, can receive room and board. Full-time Residents, those working roughly 40 hours a week, can receive room, board, a basic health care plan, and a weekly stipend of up to $75.

After three months, as they sign a second covenant, Multifaith Residents are encouraged to identify which part(s) of the work of the Center will be the focus of their energy. Some Residents develop a proposal, in consultation with SPC leadership and others in the community, to use part of their time to pursue a particular passion that will strengthen the faith-based movement for peace, nonviolence, and social justice. Those passions vary widely, but often include organizing work in the community, artistic expression, or nurturing a particular aspect of SPC’s business of hospitality. In general, residents continue to put in a little more than half of their hours on some aspect that is directly connected to the day-to-day operations of the Center.

Who We're Looking For

Multifaith Residents at Stony Point Center need to be flexible, organized and self-starters. Other important community skills include a positive attitude, ability to work well with diversity, a sense of humor, an ability to manage time, and a willingness to work through conflict in a spirit of reconciliation.

There is a creative tension that exists at SPC as we try to make the expectations of our Residency consistent and fair, while also working with each Multifaith Resident to assure that the person is offering the best of him or herself, and that each person is feeling valued and positive about his or her work. We are a diverse community, with remarkable talent and passion available to us, and we strive to make the Residency mutually beneficial, building up the work of the Center and helping each Resident to have best experience possible