Quaker Worship at Stony Point Center is every Thursday evening at 5pm. All are welcome!

Quaker worship wpeo2

At Stony Point, we practice an unprogrammed form of worship, arriving in silence or falling into silence at the appointed hour. Our worship is held in gathered, expectant waiting for a deeper connection with the Divine.

At times, individuals may feel a message come to them; this message may be either a personal one, or one to be shared out of the silence with others gathered there. We ask those gathered to leave time between messages, that they may sink in deeply, and to consider well the Source of any messages we may find in our hearts. 

Most Thursdays we will meet in the meditation space but please call ahead (845-786-5674) to verify meeting space, or check with the front desk upon your arrival. For more information please reach out to Anissa New - Walker, anissa@stonypointcenter.org 

This Still Room

And so, I find it well to comeSPC meditation space by paula 1000x664

For deeper rest to this still room,

For here the habit of the soul

Feels less the outer world’s control:

The strength of mutual purpose plead

More earnestly our common needs:

And from the silence multiplied

By these still forms on either side,

The world that time and sense have known

Falls off and leaves us God alone

                — John Greenleaf Whittier