New Programs Starting at Stony Point Center this Spring!

Stony Point Center is excited to provide a growing offering of programs designed to help everyone “bend the arc of history towards justice.” Programs will support learning, networking, and training towards impactful action. Topics will range from irradicating systemic poverty and dismantling institutional racism, to sabbath retreats and innovation labs. Social justice challenges will not be solved in a year or by one program so we are working to support an ongoing conversation around each topic and between topics. Look for post-event cohorts, weekly zoomversation times, engaging hybrid/online options, and evolving annual repetition of topics so we may all grow our understanding and impact over time. We are also starting to cross-promote programs created and run by guest groups that have open enrollment to the public. Stay tuned for more on that or sign up for our newsletter below! Note: Stony Point Center is a 32-acre retreat facility located about 30 miles NW of NYC in the Hudson Valley. We believe in the possibilities of change and that the arc of history is indeed bending toward justice. Groups come here to reflect, recharge and reconnect; to plan, execute and train; to create, commune and collaborate.