Meditation Space

Meditation Space. Photo credit: Mariliana

A gift from the John M. Lloyd Foundation, the Meditation Space is our campus’s heart and spiritual soul. The Meditation Space was completed in 2001 and dedicated to the memory of John Musser Lloyd (1949-1991). The following reflection was written by Cobbie Palm.    

Throughout an all too brief life, John Lloyd was on a spiritual journey. This journey led him to explore the many religious traditions of the world. Respectful and open to the diversity of religious truth, in his person, we find the coming together of the East’s meditative traditions with the West’s prayerful traditions.    

The square structure set upon a round foundation represents the coming together of Heaven and earth. In Eastern spirituality, the earth is traditionally symbolized by a square and Heaven by a circle.    

The prevalent stone, the expanse of the glass walls, the sound of dancing water and the flicker of fire incorporated into the design draws upon the valued spiritual elements of earth, wind, water, and fire. These elements are foundational in the religious traditions of both East and West.    

The soft and feathered wood trellis reflects the gentleness and strength necessary in bringing spiritual unity and balance to difference and diversity, as John sought to achieve throughout his life.   

This space is open to groups with fifteen or fewer individuals who wish to use it for their own sacred practice and journey.