jap garden crossCultivating Quiet

Would you like to step back from your busy schedule and explore what gifts a time of silence can bring to your life?  In an environment of mutual support, participants in this retreat are encouraged to empty themselves of agendas, obligations and goals, and just allow themselves to be, to become comfortable with the quiet and to experience what happens. Cultivating Quiet is led by our Co-Director, Kitty Ufford-Chase. This two-day retreat can be scheduled for a minimum of 6 people for $50 per person (in addition to the standard overnight package).


Contact Jody Atkinson directly to schedule a time to do a yoga class while you are here on campus. Jody’s classes are a joyful synthesis of mind, body and spirit, as she brings to each class her unique combination of intellect, humor, discipline, and humility.  She encourages her students to explore the postures, allowing the breath to inform, the mind to rest, and one’s individual spirit to soar.


Feel a need for some active meditation? Take a winding walk in our labyrinth.

Inside Med SpaceMeditation Space

Our Meditation Space is always open. It is common to find members of our community praying or singing together each morning between  8:30 and 9:00 am. You are welcome to join them, or drop in for your own peaceful time.


Look for a chaplain when…

  • You would like some emotional and spiritual care

  • You want support during a time of transition

  • You are coping with the “Why” questions

  • You are feeling alone

  • You seek company in prayer

Professional chaplains serve people of every religion, and people of no religion. The SPC chaplain has regular hours and can also meet by appointment. Call 845-786-5674 to find out what the hours are or to make an appointment.

Rabia Terri Harris, the SPC Scholar in Residence, is available to your group by appointment for workshops, seminars, and informal conversation.

Rabia Terri Harris is Chaplain and Scholar in Residence for the Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center. The child of a Jewish father and a Christian mother, Rabia embraced Islam in 1978. She holds a BA in Religion from Princeton University, an MA in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures from Columbia University, and a Graduate Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy from Hartford Seminary.  Rabia is a senior member of the Jerrahi Order of America, the American branch of the Halveti-Jerrahi Tariqa, a three-century-old traditional Sufi order headquartered in Istanbul. In 2009, her thirty years of experience in spirituality and community service led to her being chosen as the first president of the Association of Muslim Chaplains

In 1994, Rabia founded the Muslim Peace Fellowship (MPF), the first organization devoted to the theory and practice of Islamic nonviolence. As a theorist and investigator in Islamic spirituality and peacebuilding and in multireligious solidarity for nonviolence, she has written two books and numerous articles  and offered lectures and workshops nationally and internationally. Some of her topics are:

  • Religion, spirituality, and social change

  • Personal transformation in global context

  • Islam and nonviolence

  • Muslims in the U.S.

  • Islamic mysticism (Sufism)

  • Islam 101

Tell your group host if you are interested in meeting with Rabia.