Love for trees is woven deep into this campus. According to Dear House, Mission Becomes You, the Gilmor sisters used to give each other trees for their birthdays, which is one of the reasons there is such a variety of old trees on campus. Planting trees intentionally has continued over the years, including many trees planted in honor of births and deaths. In recent years, we have taken to educating ourselves about these neighbors through "tree walks" on holidays like Tu b'Shevat, Wangari Mathai's birthday and Earth Day. People have shared their memories and knowledge about specific trees and we have toured the grounds hearing each other's stories. 

This year, Tu b'Shevat coincided with Martin Luther King Day - which also happened to be one of the coldest days yet this winter. In lieu of a tree walk, we honored the "tall ones" amongst us huddled around a fire. Our sharings were laced with mourning: over the past year, due to a combination of dramatic weather and maintenance requirements, we have lost more than a few older trees and large branches have fallen from others. But we also gave honor to the amazing resiliency within nature.

To weave us closer to this resiliency, we'd like to extend our "tree walk" tradition to everyone in the e-news community. We are calling for you to send us your "tree memories" - including pictures, horticultural knowledge, information about about the circumstances motivating a tree's planting, and special memories.

Please email or by mail to 17 Cricketown Road, attention SPC Tree Stories. Check out for updates! 

May this year be the "Year of the Tree" for SPC!