Welcoming Fall!

As the weather cools and the greens of summer shift to the brilliant hues of autumn, Stony Point Center rolls into yet another beautiful season in gratitude for our Creator, for this place, and for the people who we have been able to gather here recently.

In the last few weeks, we have enthusiastically hosted several groups, including a…

  • gathering of pediatric chaplains who met to decompress while planning their larger conference coming in 2022. They incorporated some lively board games as a fun way to develop community among their numbers
  • regional medical group’s staff who, after an unparalleled and exhausting year battling the pandemic, received respite and renewal at the center with the help of therapists and the simple peace that comes from being away in a welcoming, nurturing space
  • older adult yoga group who kept meeting virtually during the pandemic and added to their numbers during those online sessions. Doing yoga together helped through the isolation and sedative proclivities of life in those times. At their gathering here, they all got together in person for the very first time since the pandemic began

Stony Point Center Labyrinth in FallWe hope that wherever this finds you, that you can take a moment to breathe deep and find a little bit of retreat in your day to renew your mind, open your heart and enjoy the now.

Oh! And let us know when you’d like to plan your own group retreat here or come by to say hi. It is an exciting time of renewal for us, too, after having to close for quite a long time during the pandemic. We are grateful to be here and to be able to open our doors once again to the world.