Our Updated Safety Measures:

We are aware that guests will be experiencing varying degrees of trauma and that anxiety levels will be high in public spaces. Here are some of the measures we are putting in place to address these needs:

  • Stony Point Center staff and each guest will be asked to adhere to anti-viral practices as listed here:
    • We ask that everyone use hand sanitizer upon entering our facilities.
    • Guests and staff will practice six feet of social distancing.
    • Guests and staff will be required to wear a mask when entering our facilities. Outside, on our grounds, we ask that everyone wear a mask if practicing six feet of social distancing becomes challenging. 
    • Everyone should practice safe handwashing methods, washing hands for at least 20 seconds when using the restrooms.
    • We ask that everyone use the hand sanitizers in the dining room before meals are served. We also encourage everyone use the hand sanitizers placed around our facilities. 
    • If staff or guests are experiencing any symptoms, please stay at home and isolate.
  • Guests can take advantage of single-occupancy rooms at the contracted double occupancy rate for the remainder of 2020 (if they are family, they can opt to stay in double occupancy). This will cut in half the number of guests on campus at any one time, which we feel is necessary.
  • Meeting room occupancy guidelines have been revised to approximately half of the former volume.
  • In the dining hall, staff will serve all guests from the line, rather than our former buffet-style service. We will stagger meals so as to have lower numbers of guests in the dining room at one time to allow for additional sanitizing between groups.
  • We will increase the frequency with which we wipe surfaces with chlorine-based sanitizers.
  • We will clean shared bathrooms at an increased schedule with regular intervals.
  • We will place hand-sanitizer dispensers in all meeting spaces as well as in the dining hall.
  • We will make disinfectant spray available in all bathrooms.

When the timing is appropriate, please disseminate this information amongst your participants.