More than a conference center, Stony Point Center welcomes guests of all backgrounds into an open space that invites spiritual renewal, courageous thinking and strategic planning to heal ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Stony Point Center is an intentionally multifaith conference and retreat center owned by the Presbyterian Church (USA). We offer comfortable accommodations and a brave and welcoming environment for visionaries and change-makers, seekers and healers, creatives and educators from diverse communities and organizations.

Stony Point Center strives to be a sanctuary for sacred work and the people doing it, open on four sides like Abraham’s tent, honored to receive and be received by angels of transformation from all walks of life. We aspire to be a place where living connections of solidarity are built, especially with and among those who are marginalized by mainstream religious or other institutions in the broader culture.

Home to a multifaith intentional community and an on-site farming initiative, Stony Point Center engages our guests and neighbors with responsive, “hands-on” social justice and sustainability programming. We are deeply committed to the work of dismantling institutional racism, eradicating systemic poverty, building peace and caring for the earth and all creation. SPC serves as the primary training center for members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) who are undertaking this work in their own congregations and communities.


Radical Hospitality is about offering sanctuary - a safe space for each person - especially those who may not feel safe in other places. We try to respond to the distinct needs of each individual guest. Our first impulse is “yes” and our first effort is to accommodate each request if we possibly can. At the same time, radical hospitality doesn’t necessarily mean the guest is right. It means that we ask every guest to join in a shared effort to welcome and accommodate the diverse needs of whoever is sharing this open space together.

Beloved Community - We strive to emulate Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr. dream of the Beloved Community, working actively to dismantle systemic racism and assure that people of all ages, gender expressions, abilities, sexual orientations and religious traditions are honored here. We commit to practice “radical humility,” recognizing that we are an imperfect organization that too often reflects a world seeking to systemically privilege some people over others. We seek to disrupt those systems of oppression and to respond non-defensively when we are called out for failing to live up to this commitment.

Brave Space - A brave space allows our participants to express themselves, challenge one another in a positive way, and learn from one another. We seek to create a space where those who have been marginalized in the broader culture are respected partners in the shared work of healing the world. At the same time, we support and encourage those who have been centered in the dominant culture to step out of their comfort zones and examine the implications of unearned privilege in their lives.

Multifaith - We believe that this center is sacred space. Our practice of radical hospitality and radical humility is spiritual work. We strive to live out fundamental values articulated the Presbyterian Church USA in 2014, that recognize Christians are no longer the dominant cultural force in our country, but instead a valued thread in a beautifully woven tapestry of religious diversity. This tenet undergirds our decision to partner with the multifaith Community of Living Traditions, whose members support the staff in our practice of hospitality. They commit to nonviolent direct action to support the broader movement for peace, justice and earthcare in our local community, across the U.S. and around the world. Inspired by God, we encourage our guests to explore their spiritual paths in this sacred space.

Sustainability – We recognize that the climate crisis demands behavioral change from all of us. We strive to protect our environment and enhance all life on earth by reducing the “environmental footprint” of our guests, volunteers and employees. This commitment includes growing food on our land, adopting energy and water conservation practices, reducing waste, recycling, and composting.
Wherever possible, we purchase from local food growers and support fair trade and sustainable businesses.

Land Acknowledgement - For a thousand years, the land where Stony Point Center is located was inhabited by a variety of Munsee Delaware (Lenape) nations, including the Tappan, the Rumanchenak and the Nyack. These people left the area due to European encroachment. Today, we at Stony Point Center are in an ongoing relationship of deepening solidarity with the Ramapough Lenape who are indigenous to this land.